As with all products made of premium quality leather; Kilter products will serve you for a lifetime of pleasure when cared for properly.

We hope these products become a vital part of your most intimate moments for you to cherish, so we recommend following the care guide below to ensure your products look and feel their best.


We use Italian vegetable tanned leather for all of our products. This is created using all natural vegetable tannins to turn the hide into leather. Vegetable tanned leather is the most premium leather and is imbued with natural qualities that make it the favourite among leather connoisseurs. 

The tannery that produces our leather has been producing the highest quality material for over seventy years and they combine the most innovative processes with the best Italian traditions when it comes to vegetable tanning. This results in an unrivalled material that is both robust yet softens slightly with age and develops a wonderful patina.

This leather is not water resistant and will absorb oils and pigments added to it due to its high absorbency.

We recommend the following care steps:

  • Store the products away from direct sunlight so to prevent fading and loss of colour
  • Avoid squeezing the products into tight spaces to avoid deformation of the product
  • Clean with a cloth if needed
  • Avoid contact with dyes, water and oils to avoid the interior or exterior material becoming discoloured
  • Avoid the product coming into contact with sharp objects that may pierce the surface or alter the surface texture of the leather
  • If the surface becomes wet, allow to dry naturally with no heat application