Hi, we’re Kilter.

Born of a desire to create luxury leather pleasure accessories for women who don’t play by the rules, Kilter is designed for those of discerning taste to celebrate everybody, and every body.

Carefully crafted to combine femininity with power and strength, our mission is to design unintimidating accessories that feel at home in diverse pairs of hands, and wouldn’t look out of place on anybody’s bedside table.

If you’re looking to take charge of your sensual side, allow us to give you the key and a pleasurably warm welcome.

Our founder’s story.

When Lydia, our founder, wanted to explore her more dominant side, she found herself sifting through a plethora of products that didn’t feel quite right. 

She knew what she wanted, but the options available were low-quality and came apart easily. Lydia, like many others, felt like a fraud and as though these tools were stopping her from bringing her authentic self to the bedroom.

To assert herself confidently and authoritatively, Lydia needed to feel empowered and the accessories had to feel authentic to her true self. So she set out to create the sort of products that she, and others, would actually want to buy.

A note from Lydia.

“Fetishes have been in existence for a reason. They can be sexually arousing and really tap into some of our most primal desires. What has most likely held us back from these becoming more normalised is the social stigma that surrounds them.”

Laura Miano, a sexologist and founder of Posmo,

With Kilter I want to create a BDSM brand with core pillars of quality, design and comfort. A brand that celebrates and empowers the curious and experienced.

Products with minimalist designs with sleek lines, Italian leather, soft suede and subtle detail - accessories I wouldn’t be ashamed to have a guest spot sitting on my bedside table.

Together, we can address the stigma surrounding BDSM practice and show that anybody can practice safe, consensual and enjoyable BDSM sex. And we want to equip you to do so.

Lydia x