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At Kilter, we wanted to create products that feel at home in your hand.  We are by women, for women and we believe in the transformative power of high-quality kink products for all levels of BDSM and experience. 

We know what it’s like to be curiously minded and alienated by the options available on the market, which is why our products weave together design and dominance to create luxury leather bondage accessories for your pleasure, and theirs.

When performed safely, and consensually, BDSM is a powerful way to enhance relationships through trust. From wrist cuffs, to collars and paddles, we’re here to help you find what feels good and only feel restrained when you want to be. 

Our products are made of high-quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather, with soft suede linings and robust metal hardware because when it comes to sex and sensuality, nobody wants to feel off-Kilter.

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