Italian Silk Restraints

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Restraint with style. These 100% pure Italian silk restraints are as strong as they are stylish.

Manufactured bespoke for Kilter in the Silk District of Como, Northern Italy - they're the perfect product for those of us who enjoy the soft touch of silk on our skin, as much as we like the feeling of something a little rougher.

At Kilter, design and discretion is the name of our game - and these silk ties make the perfect kinky cue in vanilla life if you felt that way inclined. They can be tied around wrists by night and to handbag straps as a twilly by day.

Nobody will be any wiser. Unless, they're a fan of Kilter too that is.

What did our product testers say?
"These were a real luxury after I started using some new (basically untreated) jute rope for for tying... There's a time and a place for rope burn, but I'd much rather this silk on my skin!!"

"Loving how long they are as they are as they can be used higher up my legs as I have no ankle... My husband liked them as he didn't feel he needed to be some kind of Shibari artist like he does with rope."

Each tie is 105cm long and 5cm wide allowing wrists, knees or ankles to be bound together using one tie with ease. Or purchase two ties if you'd like to bind wrists to ankles or to either side of the bed. Please always tie safely and do not cut off blood circulation.

  • Made in Italy
  • 100% pure Italian silk
  • Double-sided print
  • 105cm x 5cm
  • Available as a single tie or a pair

These products are available for a discounted pre-order price and will be sold at the regular price once pre-orders have closed.

At Kilter, we pride ourselves in the quality of our pleasure products and these are manufactured in small batches within Italy.

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